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WingChun is a self-defence system. Contrary to expectations, the WingChun fighter actually attacks in self-defence. From early on WingChun Students learn a highly developed strategy and approach, with which they can control all conceivable attacks, and it is thus insignificant in what manner or how strongly an opponent attacks. In my system, differences such as gender and size do not even play the slightest role.

WingChun trains for every possibility that could possibly happen during a real defence situation. The simultaneous deployment and functioning of the hands, arms and legs are practiced within the framework of organized combat programs, even at the elementary level. The employment of the eyes and quick "reading" of the opponent is also a fundamental part of the WingChun lesson.

The WingChun academy offers friendly, professional WingChun instruction so get in contact now and claim your Free first lesson.

WingChun Tigers

The WingChun Tigers is a self-defence class specially designed for children aged 6 to 12.  Through our structured syllabus your child will develop essential self-defence skills at the same time gaining confidence, co-ordination and discipline.  Gradings are held throughout the year held by our Grandmaster Sifu Klaus Brand.


All of our instructors at the academy are CRB checked, fully insured and trained in first aid.

The WingChun Tigers class is available every Sunday morning from 10am until 11am at de Stafford Sports Centre (details below).


S.A.T refers to the ultimate applications from my complete WingChun system, as well as my Close Combat and Weapon Fighting Programs. So to speak, it includes the unlimited entirety of what the International Academy of WingChun has to offer. S.A.T is the essence of what I once developed and have been teaching for over two decades. 

I think it is imperative that everyone, even at the outset of S.A.T training, is given the opportunity to exercise a variety of applications to accelerate the acquisition of functional skills.

Adapted to our modern times, the S.A.T is a martial art which from the start trains applications from all areas of Self-Defence. Even if unarmed skills constitute the major part it is a necessity to train the proficient handling of a stick, knife, palmstick and tonfa at the beginning of the curriculum. Only in this way is it possible to practice the prevention of stabbing, slicing and striking attacks in the first training units and to understand the purpose of each weapon. The skills in dealing with these tools especially train the coordination and efficient response of the participants.


Escrima is an essential part of advanced WingChun training. Without the knowledge of weapon fighting the pre-primary level and the technician grades can not be achieved. The attainment of these high degrees of WingChun requires a corresponding ability in dealing with simple weapons.

In our Escrima we teach the deployment of functional weapons from diverse cultures. Starting with the simple stick, lessons then move from the machete on to the various types of swords. We also incorporate training with knives, shields, even long pole and double knives (in the scene often misinterpreted as top secret), farther tonfa, palmstick and (for special bodily training) unusual weapons such as the battle axe.

Steel supplied by Lancaster Armoury.

Sihing Greg Willis

My name is Sihing Greg Willis and I have been leading the International Academy Of WingChun - Caterham since April 2011.  I began my Martial Arts training with TaeKwon-Do in 1995 and gained my 1st Dan Black Belt in 2001.  In 2003 I  began training a style of wing chun named 'Wing Tsun' with the EWTO.  It wasn't until 2007 we found the most demanding, complete and relevant system of Self-Defence created by Grandmaster Sifu Klaus Brand; the International Academy of WingChun.  This style of WingChun was nothing like I had experienced before and are as passionate about the system today as I was when I first experienced it. 


Since 2007 I have gained a 3rd Technician Grade, an Instructor Grade, a Student level in Escrima (weapons fighting) and jointly lead the IAW-UK with 4 other fellow Head Instructors. 


IAW-Caterham offers WingChun training to both Adults and Children.  The children's classes are named 'WingChun Tigers'.  The adult classes are every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning with a Tigers class also on the Sunday morning.  Every class provides an friendly environment where you will;

Learn Self-Defence, Build Confidence and Improve Body Coordination and Function.

Myself and my assistant instructors are talented professionals, who are passionate about providing the best Martial Arts School available to anyone, regardless or Age, Gender or Physical Attributes. We offer the guidance and support necessary for our students to reach their full potential.


The class is situated in Caterham and covers the surrounding areas of Coulsdon, Banstead, Purley, Croydon, Warlingham, Whytleafe, Kenley, Chipstead, Sutton, Godstone, Redhill. 

Sihing Phil Mardle
Assistant Instructor Megan Mardle

My name is Phil Mardle and I instruct the WingChun Tigers class with my Assistant Instructor and

daughter Megan. I joined the IAW in 2013 and have since gained my Practitioner Level with plans to

take my 1st Technician grade in 2017.

Our WingChun Tigers class went live October 2016 and we are excited to be able to teach children

our WingChun system. Megan and I feel real pride in the classes that we run as our instruction will

enable each child to grow as a person, developing their confidence levels, understanding respect for

others, enhancing body co-ordination and gaining real-life, practical self-defence skills.

We offer a Free taster lesson which enables you and your child to evaluate if it is something they

wish to commit to.

The class is situated in Caterham and covers the surrounding areas of Coulsdon, Banstead, Purley, Croydon, Warlingham, Whytleafe, Kenley, Chipstead, Sutton, Godstone, Redhill. 

07802 180181

De Stafford Sports Centre, Caterham CR3 5YX, UK

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