International Academy of WingChun

WingChun - Caterham

Instructor - Sihing Greg Willis

Phone - 07802-180181

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Facebook - @iawcaterham

WingChun - Great Britain

Web -

Facebook - @IAWGB

WingChun - Head Quarters

Grandmaster Sifu Klaus Brand

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Facebook - @IAWHQ

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International Academy of WingChun

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At the International Academy of WingChun our passion is driven by providing high quality and effective self defence catering for all ages and physical abilities.  All of our academies have fully trained and insured martial art instructors taught by the founder of the IAW Grandmaster Sifu Klaus Brand.


Sihing Greg Willis

Academy Leader

07802 180181

WingChun Caterham, de Stafford Sports Centre, Burntwood Lane, Catheram, CR3 5YX

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